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AVANCÉ Lash Serum EX

AVANCÉ Lash Serum EX

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Best seller in AVANCÉ for prevention of eyelash loss and growth promoting. A medicated lash growth serum that encourages new hair growth, nurtures existing hair, and combats hair loss. Its active ingredients (pantothenic acid derivative and photosensitive pigment) encourage circulation at the roots and guard against hair loss. Carrot extract and chitin liquid moisturizers enhance the effects of the active ingredients and moisturize lash tips.
Size: 7ml
Country of Manufacture : Japan

Product description

AVANCÉ Lash Serum EX is an oil free eyelash moisturizer that accelerates eyelashes to grow, restore, strengthen and prevent them from falling.

It protect the eyelashes from further damage after a long time usage of eyelash curler and mascara. It comes in a mascara brush type that makes it easy to apply on eyelashes.

The active ingredient of Lash Serum EX includes Silk Essence, Hyaluronic Acid, Pantothenic Acid etc.

Made in Japan


Apply on clean eyelashes after cleansing during morning and night. It should be applied before using mascara.