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L'EGERE Horse Oil Multi Complex Essence Toner

L'EGERE Horse Oil Multi Complex Essence Toner

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Resolves skin dryness instantly! 4 in 1 formula - Moisturizing x Anti Aging x Liveliness x Repair Lotion x Essence -moisture solution in one bottle!"
Size: 200ml
Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Product description

◆High Quality Germany Horse Oil - A strong moisturizer in general + vitamin E, easily penetrate into skin, gentle and repair the skin texture. It promote metabolism rate and lock moisture within skin, lighten pigmentation, brighen skin tones, smoothen wrinkles and lines on face and eye area.

◆ Jeju Island Seaweed Essence - maintain a good balance between oil, sebum and water within skin cell. Tighten and cleanse pores resulting a smooth and radiance skin texture.

◆ Contain Squalene - an ingredient that provides Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle and smoothening fine lines effect.

◆ Sophora Root Extract - improve the skin defensive system against the external environmental factor.

◆ Contain Hyaluronic acid that provide high moisturizing effect and deeply penetrate into skin to regulate skin moisture level and prevent the effect of aging. Skin looks radiance and bright.

◆ A natural floral fragrance that are soothing to the skin.