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L'EGERE Snail Moisturizing Toner

L'EGERE Snail Moisturizing Toner

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Korea - 97% Snail Essence 500ml - super size

Size: 500ml
Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Product description

< All in one Toner+Lotion+Essence in one bottle>

Snail Filtrate repair & strengthen skin. It help to restore the skin's natural defense system. This toner can refresh and replenish lost moisture to the skin and make skin firm up! β-Glucan have a instantly moisturizing effect and make skin all day moisture. Witch Hazel is one of the most popular uses for an astringent - an agent that helps tone skin and minimize pores. It improves skin elasticity and clarity. It help to control oil & sebum secretion. Suitable for sensitive skin too.