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EYEMAZING AMO Eyelashes #801

EYEMAZING AMO Eyelashes #801

Regular Price: S$21.90

Special Price S$5.00

Product code: 259

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Contains: 1 box ( 3 pairs)

Color: #801

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Product description


1. Remove false eyelashes from plastic platform, and trim width to fit your eye length.

2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the bottom edge of the false eyelash.

3. Adhere to eyelash base.

4. Apply lashes from outer corner of the eyes then inwards.

5. Adjust the lashes to be close enough to your real lashes without leaving a gap.

6. Apply lashes working from the outer corner of the eye inward.

*Always apply false eyelashes ABOVE your real lashes

* For clean removal, wet lashes with warm water when removing.


1. To reuse and maximize the life of your false eyelashes, remove any excess adhesive from the band of the lash, and let dry.

2. After use, store both right and left lashes back in their original casing.