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Pure Smile Nippon Art Mask (Set of 4)

Pure Smile Nippon Art Mask (Set of 4)

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Pure Smile Mask allows you to experience the Japanese culture of Edo Art when you are applying the mask! It comes with a scent of green tea and is formulated by Arbutin and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and whiten skin. It instantly brightens a dull complexion and provides the skin with optimal vitality
Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Product description

Moisturizing Camellia Scent

Each tablet contains rich moisturizing Lotion 27ml, hyaluronic acid content is twice as common mask, add water, moisturize the skin. Cotton paper mask used in Japanese local fiber material, the softness of kimono posts are first class. Unique mask designs. Funny side of the self-timer, while the maintenance of the water of tender little face.

Set includes: Pure Smile Art Mask (Good Luck) Pure Smile Art Mask (Keep Misfortune Away) Pure Smile Art Mask (Best Wishes for Love) Pure Smile Art Mask (Secret Art Mask)

27ml/sheet x 4 sheets